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London South Bank University (LSBU) was highly commended in the Outstanding Entrepreneurial University of the year at the Times Higher Education (THE) Awards 2022.  

The commendation recognised LSBU’s entrepreneurial achievements over the last year and the creation of a culture of business and innovation. From September 2021 – August 2022 LSBU successfully:

  • Provided over 7000 hours of support to aspiring students and graduate entrepreneurs, to build successful and innovative start-ups.  
  • Delivered over 640 workshops to Small and Medium sized businesses, driving the development of 70 new products and services and supporting businesses to tackle challenges they face from the pandemic.  
  • Supported over 50 organisations nationally and internationally to develop entrepreneurship.  

LSBU is focused on making a real-world impact, committed to embedding entrepreneurialism, enhancing teaching, and tackling civic and global challenges that transform the lives of individuals, communities and society.  

To drive this impact, in April 2021, LSBU established South Bank Innovation (SBI), a team responsible for driving innovation, encouraging entrepreneurship and linking the real world with LSBU’s ground-breaking research. As you may already know our core mission is ‘to inspire ideas that create benefit for people and planet’. Through this ethos our team have ‘sparked’ an institutional culture of purpose-led entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, engaging with over 10,000 staff and students in 20/21.

The Times Higher Education Awards 2022 Awards celebrate the talent, dedication and innovation of individuals and teams across all aspects of university life. LSBU was also shortlisted in the THE DataPoints Merit Award and has previously won the Entrepreneurial University award at the ceremony.  

Professor David Phoenix, Vice-Chancellor of LSBU, said,

“Entrepreneurship is at the core of our work at LSBU and we are continually working with staff, students and business leaders to support businesses to develop and succeed. To have these efforts and achievements recognised at the prestigious Times Higher Education Awards 2022 is a great success for everyone involved across LSBU”.

We could not be more proud of the work and commitment of the teams within SBI that have powered this commendation.

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