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Bodyswaps are using VR & AI to empower learners to practise and develop their soft skills- the skills that define how you work, such as time management, networking, and creative thinking - through empathy and self-reflection.

Bodyswaps joined out ACE IT programme to advance their job interview simulator using AI. They collaborated with experts and academics from our ACE IT partner, London College of Communications, UAL.

Watch Christophe Mallet, Co-founder and CEO of Bodyswaps, sharing how our programme and collaboration with our partners at UAL benefited them.

This year, Bodyswaps have raised a massive £470k in seed funding, read more information here.

Are you looking to turn a physical experience into a virtual one in order to reach more customers and break the barriers of time and distance? ACE IT provides fully-funded support to businesses of any sector that are introducing immersive technology products, content or services into their businesses.

Find out more and apply at - Applications close on Sunday 12 December 2021, 23:59.

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