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Following an extensive application process, SimDH are pleased to welcome 25 SMEs onto the latest programme cohort.

The SMEs cover some of the following areas:

  • Mental Health
  • Weight Management
  • Exercise Optimisation
  • Parenting
  • Clinical Education
  • Chronic Condition Management
  • Clinical Hardware and Software Development

Through the five month cohort programme, which began in early January 2022, the SMEs receive personalised journeys which could cover:

  • Product development support
  • Evidence and research support
  • Mentorship and consultancy
  • Marketing strategy and branding support
  • Workshops.

Cohort 3 delivery is a collaboration between SBI, SEHTA, Fractional IP, and Flashman Consulting.

Senior Project Manager of SimDH, Sam Ash, says:

"We are delighted to have recruited such an innovative range of businesses for SimDH's third cohort. Previous cohorts have seen alumni go on to make some great achievements - we are excited to be part of the journey of these 25 new SMEs and work alongside SEHTA to accelerate their development."

Read on to find out more about the businesses.


Audiowings develop connected headphones for runners. They're providing responsive audio workouts that help athletes run smarter.

Best Beginnings

Best Beginnings is a national charity that harnesses research, technology and collaboration to support all parents, co-parents and care-givers to give their children the best beginning in life.


Digostics develop the only recommended test for diabetes in pregnancy, cystic fibrosis and other conditions. It is also the only effective test for monitoring the development of type 1 diabetes (T1D).

Digostics aims to be a catalyst for the eradication of serious diabetes complications by enabling early detection of diabetes and dysglycaemia.

Helsa Help

Empathy VR by Helsa increases empathy in users by allowing them to experience stigma and discrimination in a virtual reality world through the eyes of the stigmatised.

Holistic Room

Holistic Room is an innovative platform dedicated in promoting holistic health services and therapists with a strong ethos for professionalism and authentic wellbeing.

Holly Health

Holly is an intelligent coaching app to support millions to turn health intentions into achievable daily actions.

Hyde Industries

Hyde Industries are developing digitised hardware to monitor the user’s immediate atmospheric inhibitors while our bespoke software development platform will analyse the data and will therefore notify the user of respiratory health risks.


A digital jobs list for junior doctors, designed with the individual  clinician in mind. This app helps clinicians to capture jobs quickly and in detail, then manage,  prioritise and complete them more efficiently.


Medics.Academy is a technology enhanced learning company run by healthcare professionals. Medics.Academy aims to help solve the global workforce crisis through education.

Medwise is the Google for doctors. Our mission is to empower healthcare professionals worldwide, so every patient receives the best healthcare possible. Medwise are bringing the latest advancement in AI and natural language processing to support clinicians to do their best work and provide the best care to patients.

Memo 360

Memo 360 offer an evidence-based active gaming software approach to reducing the risk of dementia onset and slow dementia progression.


Miznee's platform enables practitioners in dermatology, gastroenterology, oncology and pathology to image and measure health parameters online. Accessible by smartphone, Miznee’s platform is also a digital mental health marketplace.


Naytal is the online clinic created by women, for women. Naytal provides online, instant access to women’s health experts, for one-to-one support through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Reveal My Food

Reveal My Food remove customers' barriers to finding accurate allergens and nutritional information when eating out.

Reveal My Food software and digital menu provides access to essential information while making it automated, quick, and profitable for Food Businesses to understand and communicate dishes' information to their diners.


Smile is the first mental health app to support people managing long-term health conditions.

Sukoon Care

Sukoon is a health-tech start-up reducing healthcare inequity by making cardiac rehabilitation convenient, affordable and accessible.

The Science Writing Revolution

The Science Writing Revolution is a scientific communications tech startup that revolves around a ground-breaking 'scientific method for scientific writing', housed in The TooWrite Platform.

Tycho Medlink

Tycho Medlink are an early-stage biotech start-up accelerating humanity's ability to cognitive recovery through AR technologies.

UK Doctors

UK Doctors are distributing WiFi enabled holter monitors to the primary care sector and private cardiology sector .

These monitors are the latest technology available with a three lead holter monitor weighing 30 grams and do not require wires . UK Doctors' monitors are capable of providing 97-99% accurate reports through a software that does the reporting within 5 hours .

Val Hospital Medicals

VHM is a technology company, pioneering the Design and development of a flat-pack mobile hospitals/medical technology. They are also developing medical devices and medical supply chain management.


WITHSTO provide a straightforward way to access mental health support. Expert Psychologists give high-quality interactive self-help courses and live consultations so that clients gain skills and power over their mental health.


Setq build algorithms for facial recognition within the healthcare industry. They are looking to develop specialist software for use in cancer care.

We would also like to thank the following organisations for helping us promote the SimDH programme:


• MedCity

• Kent, Surrey & Sussex AHSN

• Bethnal Green Ventures.

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