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SimDH alumni Dama Health won the 2022 Entrepreneurs Collective pitching competition in March at Buzzacott!

As the winner of the competition, the company will receive a£150,000 prize from SFC Capital.

Dama Health’s mission is to empower women and clinicians with the knowledge to make birth control decisions that are safe, personalised and patient-centered. Behind Dama Health there is a team of scientists, gynaecologists, and female health specialists.

Currently, various contraception is prescribed on a trial-error basis. Doctors don’t have enough knowledge and/or time to go through all the various personal factors and preferences with women during a 10-minute consultation. This makes it a struggle to prescribe the most suitable contraception type.

Dama Health’s solution delivers personalised contraception recommendations to women and clinicians based on a questionnaire and a genetic test. The final product is a report which collates the information and gives recommendations of the most suitable contraception methods. The report can thus empower women and clinicians to make informed choices.

Dama Health joined our SimDH programme's second cohort, in June 2021. At the time of joining Dama Health was only one year old. Despite their newness to the market, their milestones were:

  • Initial Genetic Discoveries
  • Supply chain planning
  • Initial primary market validation and prototyping

Working with SimDH has given Dama Health:

  • Access to a variety of workshops tailored to business building and early-stage development
  • One-to-one consultancy leading to academic collaboration with LSBU
  • Access to LSBU's School of Engineering. They have been able to enhance deployment and monitor the custom contraception algorithm mote effectively.

Due to the pandemic, the project has been delayed. Currently, out team are investigating further ways to support Dama Health in the future.

Find out more about Dama Health through their website.

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