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SBI are proud to learn that virtual reality robotics company, Extend Robotics, have raised £150,000 investment following a successful pitch through TV Show Dragon's Den.

Extend Robotics are a "special robotic software company, that empowers people rather than replacing them". Their robot arms are manipulated by virtual reality headsets, enabling people to work remotely with the equipment. This innovation has a wide range of uses across industries.

Extend Robotic's White Robot Arm in the Dragon's Den
Extend Robotic's Robot Arm on Dragon's Den. Image from BBC iPlayer.

The company joined SimDH's first cohort in November 2020, and benefitted from access to exclusive SEHTA workshops whilst on the programme.

The workshops addressed healthtech topics such as:

  • Public Sector Funding
  • Accessing the NHS
  • Healthtech Evidence Standards Strategy.

Alex Hokin, Project Coordinator for SimDH, says:

"We're extremely glad to see that Extend Robotics are getting the kind of investment that their innovation deserves. Their robot arm is truly revolutionary, with the power to transform many aspects of healthcare. We're looking forward to seeing what the company achieves next."

Neil Roberts, SEHTA CEO says,

"Undoubtedly roboticassistance in the delivery of healthcare is no longer science fiction, but a reality,and now deployed in a number of key surgical disciplines, most notably urology. Extend Robotics have demonstrated with this high-profile raise, the ability to excite a broader community with their robotics inventions. It was a delight to work with them on the first Cohort of SimDH, and now to see them progress in this way."

Find out more about Extend Robotics via their website.

Are you developing a healthtech innovation and could benefit from access to industry experts, consultancy and workshops? SimDH will be recruiting in Summer 2021. Find out more and sign up to our waitlist.

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