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Treeconomy, a nature-based carbon capture firm, has kicked off their 2022 with a bang, having secured funding from the Rewilding Britain Incubator. This fund helps remove barriers to rewilding projects, particularly those taking an innovative approach. Treeconomy’s survey technology will be finding the ideal spots to allow for nature to rewild naturally without shovels and seedlings. This marks a fantastic next step for Treeconomy, a London SME and an alumnus of the first SBI  Sustainable Innovation (SI) cohort, working with us since 2019.

About Treeconomy

Treeconomy are on a mission to collect carbon. Flying drones over land areas they utilise satellite and LiDAR-derived data to measure an ecosystem’s services and natural capital - in this instance carbon absorption.

Gathering this data Treeconomy are developing the “Airbnb of trees”. Treeconomy’s new app, developed in collaboration with the SI team, connects carbon producers - such as travel companies – looking to offset carbon, with carbon sink providers – such as landowners and farmers. Landowners can submit their planting or rewilding projects for carbon offsetting customers to bid on.

This is creating a more localised and efficient way of offsetting environmental impacts.

Treeconomy & SI’s Collaboration

As a member of Sustainable Innovation, Treeconomy benefitted from over £15,000 worth of innovation support funding whilst they developed their app. This helped them to:

  • Gain access to Amazon Web Services (AWS –Amazon’s cloud computing virtual machine)
  • Receive UX and UI support from computer science experts at LSBU
  • Work with London South Bank University (LSBU)student, Muntasir Al Huda
  • Build their monitoring app up to minimum viable product (MVP) level.

Treeconomy are aiming to be in Seed funding within the next12 months by automating further and employing another member of staff through SI funding.

Ellen South, Senior Project Manager for Sustainable Innovation, comments: “Robert and Harry are sensational! They made the most of Sustainable Innovation, and although they would have been incredibly successful without us, SI gave them a huge boost and accelerated their journey. I’m delighted to see Treeconomy continue to grow and develop their sustainable business.”

Are you building a cleantech app that could benefit from expert support?

Sustainable Innovation’s fourth cohort will open in summer2022. The project has already supported over 100 companies in London and can help you develop your business, faster. Find out more here. 


Rewilding Britain Incubator Fund

Land Use (2021)

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