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MOJU is dedicated to helping its customers build healthier habits and kick-start their day with nutrition that’s unrivalled in its effectiveness, quality and flavour.

Cue MOJU's prebiotic shots powered only by nature.

Keen to understand more about the health benefits of their award winning drinks, they turned to the London Agri-Food Innovation Clinic (LAFIC) for research support and no one could have predicted the results.

The LAFIC programme, managed by London South Bank University (LSBU), was set up to help London's food business through research and innovation. It was co-funded by LSBU and the European Regional Development Fund.

The collaboration between MOJU and LSBU led to a world-first research study as they specifically looked at their prebiotic shots and the health benefits of taking them on a daily basis. The results have now been published in MDPI - the leading publisher of fully peer-reviewed, open access journals - and just like their delicious drinks, they're certainly worth waking up to.

As MOJU are all about shaking things up, let's start with the study's conculsion:

MOJU's prebiotic shots have positive and proven longer lasting impacts on gut health than first perceived.

The results showed a significant increase in gut microbiome alpha diversity. Alpha diversity is a common indicator for assessing gut microbiota health and plays an important role in maintaining a balanced ecosystem.

The research also showed overall improvements in Bifidobacterium in all participants.  Due to their purported health-promoting properties, Bifidobacterium helps aid digestion and staving off harmful bacteria. The health benefits were ongoing and continued up to 21 days after taking prebiotics.

Ross Austen, the Nutrition and Research Lead at MOJU told us: “One thing researchers do agree on is that a more diverse microbiome is generally a healthier microbiome, so it’s fantastic that the results from the study showed such a positive effect on this, meaning that our product can be a really great start to the day that will help people with their gut health.”
 Adri Bester, Senior Food Technologist from LSBU explains: “Unlike our genetics, we can influence which bacteria live in our gut. While some of the factors that affect the bacteria that live in our gut are difficult to change - like genetics, stressful events, or illness - we can modify and control our lifestyle behaviours.
"By conducting the study, it has clearly shown us that there is a link between taking a a blend of different prebiotic fibres and the positive effect that this can have with supporting a healthy and functioning gut. In addition to the demonstrable gut microbiome health benefits of the MOJU prebiotic shots, the shotgun metagenome analyses (which is the evaluation of bacterial diversity and detection of microbes) revealed interesting findings of advanced beneficial potential, including colon cancer.
 "We know that as a world population we do not consume enough fibre in our diets, and consumers of all ages cite improving gut and digestive health as one of the top three benefits they want from their diet. Our study demonstrates that MOJU prebiotic shots can be a convenient product to top up dietary fibres and improve gut and digestive health for any adult age and gender.”

MOJU has consistently been the pioneer in the functional shot category. Following rapid growth over the past three years and gaining more than 7,000 distribution points across the UK, it now boasts listings in the country’s major grocery retailers. Since its began in 2015, the brand claimed a first with the launch of its Dosing Bottles, which contain the equivalent of seven of its popular 60ml shots and are designed to support daily 'at-home consumption rituals'. The brand’s Ginger Dosing Bottle currently ranks as the highest loyalty product in the entire Juices & Smoothies category, highlighting its role as a habitual and functional product.

Discover more about MOJU products and find them in participating supermarkets and health stores.

Behind the scenes of the trial

The trial took place between August and December 2021, with the analysis and data interpretation continuing throughout 2022. Participants were randomly allocated to two different groups. One group consumed the prebiotic and the other a placebo daily for three weeks. Participants then entered into a period of three-week washout in which they did not consume any of the product to allow them to return to baseline. Following this, participants consumed the opposite product from the first phase for three weeks. Gut microbiota was tested pre and post for each phase. The study was published in June 2023. Read the full study on the MDPI website.

Carolyn Halsall
Marketing Campaign Project Manager
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