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We are exciTEAd to have learnt that HumaniTEA is now Live On Ocado, the online grocery shop designed for everyday shopping.

HumaniTEA produced the UK’s first chilled ready-to-drink plant-based tea lattes. Served in recyclable cans and brewed with actual tea leaves, creamy oat milk. HumaniTEA use ethically sourced, quality ingredients. Their refreshing Matcha and Earl Grey Oat Milk Tea Lattes exclude artificial flavours and emulsifiers. It is perfect for vegan and lactose-intolerant people.

Our work with HumaniTEA

HumaniTEA joined our LAFIC programme in 2018 under their former brand name, “MyTEA is Mighty”. We worked with HumaniTea’s Chief Tea Officer, Tina Chen, to refine the tea flavours and ensure their Tea Lattes reached all legal food safety and labelling standards.

While working with LAFIC, HumaniTEA took four new vegan tea lattes to market, and received their first retail order from a vegan café at Imperial College London. In 2019, Tina and HumaniTEA celebrated becoming an Innovation Brand at Yfood Expo.

Find out more about HumaniTEA via their website.

If you are looking to turn your food & beverage product idea into a supermarket-stocked item, check out our LAFIC programme for free R&D support.

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