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SimDH provides access to the UK’s leading health tech players to help hone your business model.

The Simulation for Digital Health (SimDH) programme is our health tech accelerator. It brings together academic knowledge within the university with the varied and extensive experience of industry partners.

SimDH’s partnerships with leading organisations and individuals enable the programme to harness their expertise and deliver it to cohort members.

Focused workshops

The SimDH programme includes workshops that are delivered by a range of experts, providing participants with a thorough, rounded knowledge-base upon which they can continue to develop themselves and their business.

Workshops are focused on specific areas, such as business modelling and guidance on how to write successful grant applications.

Academic support

As part of the application process, SimDH participants can propose projects with experts from across London South Bank University (LSBU) and benefit from support in areas that include:

  • Business development and strategy
  • Understanding NHS procurement
  • Business model support
  • Intellectual property
  • Digital marketing.

Other support

Throughout the programme participants meet with the SimDH Team to discuss progress.

Great leaders are as crucial to business success as a great product or concept. SimDH recognises this and provides participants with the opportunity to meet with subject matter experts and tap into their experience and knowledge.

Members can also join the cohort Slack Channel to be able to tap into a wider peer network of other cohort members for collaboration and alternative feedback opportunities.

Tap into the SimDH community

The SimDH community of eight partner organisations, more than 20 individual experts and 41 active SMEs can help start-ups and innovators devise and hone a business model for their digital health product or service.

Some examples of SimDH’s expert consultants include Flash Future Consulting, Fractional IP, South East Health Technologies Alliance (SEHTA), and Startup Manufactory.

Flash Future Consulting has worked with multiple health tech start-ups, ranging from university “hackathons” to businesses seeking to scale up their operations and attract investment.

The company has experience working with open standards, including the FHIR standard from HL7, and can advise companies on their emerging digital strategies in order to better engage with staff and patients.

Fractional IP is a company of intellectual property management consultants, lawyers and intangible asset commercial negotiators who help start-ups and SMEs develop new IP assets, protect the assets to find new commercial channels, in healthcare and other sectors, and provide business support.

Health technology network organisation SEHTA provides business support for members, which includes health technology SMEs, as well as care providers and academia. The organisation is a delivery partner, with South Bank Innovation (SBI), on the SimDH programme, providing one-to-one support and group workshops to SMEs registered on the programme.

Consultancy Startup Manufactory specialises in private sector development, start-up consulting and training in areas that include business model development, product development road maps, route-to-market strategies, and fundraising.

It’s time to find out how SimDH can help you prepare your app for the NHS Apps Library- visit now to discover more and apply!

Applications for the SimDH Programme's third cohort will close on Sunday 5 December 2021, 23:59.

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