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Ahmed has passed his Salesforce Administration Certification exam and completed his Level 4 qualification with the coaching and support of our Aspire London training programme in just 8 weeks.

Part of South Bank Innovation’s (SBI) suite of training programmes, Aspire London works with its delivery partners to offer fully funded training and career coaching in a range of real-world industry skills. Alongside career guidance, all training is Level 4 (post A-Level) accredited and certified and supports Londoners to develop the skills and confidence to land jobs paying more than the London Living Wage. Aspire London is funded by the European Social Fund and Greater London Authority.

We started working with Ahmed, 23, from Hillingdon, in January 2022 when he was struggling to find the right career. Although uncertain about what his career path looked like, he knew it had to be something he was passionate about. Following discussions with our advisors, Ahmed established that he wanted to develop his technical and soft skills.

“I want to be a strategic person, able to communicate with all stakeholders involved”.

After listening to Ahmed and understanding his needs, Aspire London put him in touch with their training partners at LDN Apprenticeships. Aspire has worked with LDN Apprenticeships since January 2022 to deliver Online Customer Experience and Salesforce training. Aspire London chose to work with LDN Apprenticeships as they already accelerate the careers of London’s best, brightest, and most diverse talent.

Once enrolled, Ahmed learnt the foundations of the platform and gained the knowledge he needed to land a role in a lucrative technology ecosystem. Being able to navigate a large customer relationship management (CRM) tool like Salesforce, and other systems like it, Ahmed now has the confidence and the edge to successfully carve out a career in any data driven industry.

Throughout the programme Ahmed was supported by an employability skills coach. He attended weekly coaching sessions, group workshops, live Salesforce webinars and completed a Level 4 Online Customer Experience unit.

Since completing his exam, Ahmed has set his sights on the Salesforce Business Analyst pathway, using LDN’s TALENTPATH pathway.

"I've finally taken the plunge and started learning more about Salesforce, I'm confident that I made the right decision. Thank you to Aspire and LDN Apprenticeships for providing such a valuable service."

It’s great to know that Ahmed is continuing to advance his knowledge and is building a foundation for a lucrative and fulfilling career.

A huge congratulations to Ahmed!  

If you’d like to join Ahmed, why not consider boosting your career prospects with our funded training in growing sectors like:

  • Business and Enterprise
  • Construction
  • Creative Industries
  • Digital
  • Green Industries
  • Health and Social Care
  • Basic and Employability Skills

SBI’s flexible programmes are supported by London South Bank University and industry to suit all walks of life. Whether you want to study for yourself or get some guidance for your future, we provide training with a range of access and support options. Our courses are funded and supported by the Greater London Authority and European Social Fund.

Check your eligibility and start training today by connecting with us at

Aspire London is funded by the Greater London Authority and European Social Fund:

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