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LSBU's student consultancy service has helped Good Koffee to:

  • Create a clear brand identity for existing product lines
  • Create a clear brand identity for new products
  • Develop labelling and designs for new product launches.

Good Koffee aims to give back through its business. Coffee is sourced through the Cafe Femenino foundation, a co-operative of women coffee producers helping to raise their social empowerment and standing within their communities. The company also donates a small percentage of profits to charity through Work for Good, supporting the arts sector through Create London.

As part of its development and growth Good Koffee planned to expand its product line. This provided the start-up with an ideal opportunity to create a stronger brand identity to set it apart in a marketplace crowded with alternative coffee beverage labels and healthy drinks catering to rapidly rising demand for fermented/raw nutrition foods and beverages.

Good Koffee needed branding that would work on multiple fronts to:

  • Communicate the company ethos of providing delicious, inventive and socially uplifting coffee drinks that meet desire of consumers seeking out products that have a positive impact on the environment and on local communities  
  • Unify and provide consistency across Good Koffee's existing and new product lines
  • Incorporate striking designs that met with the aesthetic and creative aspirations of Good Koffee founder Chris Crocker.

Good Koffee was partnered with Postgraduate International Business Management student Seohee Choi as part of LSBU's student consultancy initiative, to further develop the brand with some amazing results‚" according to Crocker.

"Seohee, our student consultant was an absolute joy to work with. Bringing a world view and work ethic that was more than we could have wished for," says Crocker.

Choi was able to provide practical advice on brand identity and design. Deliverables included the creation of various assets, including a label design proposal, a product map and a brand identity presentation.

For Good Koffee, a small business having limited financial funds to spend on branding, the student consultancy service proved to be worth every penny to help it achieve its goals.

From the beginning and to the final stage of the five-week collaboration Choi constantly communicated with the Crocker, to develop a clear brand identity and various concepts for products along with new label designs.

Find out more about Good Coffee at

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