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Enterprise Steps is a shining example of how collaborative working can make a genuine difference to businesses and beyond.

We are pleased to announce that we've supported over 700 pre-trade and early-stage SMEs across London through the Enterprise Steps project.

Enterprise Steps was set up to maximise the growth and employment potential of London based SMEs by supporting them to make the journey from start-up to high growth.The £2.26 million project ran for over six successful years from October 2016 until December 2022.

We partnered with Newham College and Nwes to identify and engage with businesses in areas oflow enterprise activity and under-represented groups to create new enterprises and help existing enterprises survive, prosper and grow.

London SouthBank University (LSBU) was responsible for the delivery of 12-hours of business support to each SME through workshops. The workshops were project managed by a dedicated team from South Bank Innovation who worked closely with academics and partner organisations throughout.

Our support ranged from targeted outreach, referral and mentoring activities to intensive start-up support and growth planning.

Enterprise Steps was a phenomenal success. It met 110% of its target – that’s 721 businesses supported against a target of 655 - and feedback confirmed our workshops were highly regarded and met participant expectations.

For more performance and demographic insights, take a look at the Enterprise Steps factsheet.
Enterprise Steps Factsheet Image
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