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Student consultancy has helped No Guilt Bakes to:

  • Develop a brand identity that's consistent and resonates with their target audience
  • Add structure and purpose to their marketing efforts, making them more effective
  • Build a bank of resources to help deliver digital marketing efforts easily and effectively.

There's four main strategies that businesses can utilise to achieve growth:

  1. Market penetration - Selling more the same product to an existing audience by developing your Segmentation, Positioning and Targeting approaches
  2. Market developmentSelling the same product to new markets, EG internationally or to new audience segments
  3. Diversification - Selling completely different products to a completely different market - the riskiest strategy
  4. Product development - Introducing a new product to your existing market. When it comes to baking, this could be a new type of pastry or a different flavour of an existing product.
No Guilt Bakes' new Blueberry Drop flavoured cake bites

No Guilt Bakes opted to achieve their business growth through product development strategy, and came to DeK for help launching their new flavours of cake bites -Blueberry Drops and Bananah (banana-free) and Walnut.

Taeya Abdel-Majeed, Co-Founder of No Guilt Bakes:

"Mayussa was very sweet, we had a good working relationship. She was honest about capabilities, and was capable of finding out what she needed when appropriate."

Mayussa developed the Instagram and email templates, as well as a strategic marketing plan, in just four weeks.

"She was very enthusiastic and took initiative when needed. Very independent - didn't need any handholding."

Why use DeK's student consultancy service

Social Media and Email Marketing is an important digital skill - especially now the British public are traveling less and making more and more purchasing decisions online. LSBU students are highly skilled in digital marketing, and this can quickly show impact for the business by turning leads into sales.

Product development requires a particularly high level of work to be successfully executed. By engaging with student consultancy, No Guilt Bakes were able to have a marketing strategy developed without having to take much time away from their normal day-to-day responsibilities.

The marketing strategy now enables them to better understand their target audience, work towards goals, and measure the success of their efforts.

Whatever growth strategy you choose for your business, DeK Student Consultancy Service can help you successfully execute it.  

As post-graduates in their last year of study, they're experienced in their field. Their expertise helps businesses to complete specific projects that they may otherwise struggle to achieve on limited resources.  

This expertise and the students' own backgrounds, hobbies, extra-curricular knowledge and interests help businesses to:

  • Access new ideas
  • Create structured plans for marketing, and
  • Build a brand that's consistent and appropriate.

"Building a rapport with the client has definitely been my favourite part. Receiving positive feedback and seeing my employer laugh at a punchline (virtually of course) has been so rewarding." - Mayussa Abbas, Student consultant

Reaching potential with help from student consultancy

On top of the outputs from consultancy, there are other benefits to the programme:

  1. DeK's student consultants provide potential opportunities for individual team members in your business to 'act up' or take on a mentorship role - proven to be beneficial for corporate moral
  2. DeK Student Consultants are also a fantastic way to find future graduates to join your team.  

Hiring someone who already knows your business, who has delivered work to the desired standard, and who connects with your mission is much safer than the gamble of regular recruitment.

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