LSBU Hub, 116 London Road SE1 0AA
June 6, 2024
Start Time
4:00 pm
End Time
8:00 pm

Business Connector: Inclusive futures

Discover the impact of the Buckland Autism Employment Review on workplace neurodiversity

This event considers the findings of the groundbreaking Buckland Review. It brings together leading thinkers in neurodiversity from LSBU and partner organisations to highlight actionable strategies that can better accommodate autistic applicants and foster an environment of growth for neurodiverse employees and job seekers.

Now's the perfect time to reflect on current practices to make a significant difference in areas such as:

  • Growth and advancement of autistic staff at all levels within their careers
  • Improvement of employment rates of autistic individuals
  • Further inclusive and supportive work environments for neurodivergent employees

Businesses that can adapt their current model are not only futureproofing their business but also changing the workplace landscape for the better.

Event highlights:

  • Explore the insights and implications of this pivotal review from February 2024 led by Sir Robert Buckland
  • Engage in stimulating discussion on how to improve employment practice with leading minds on workplace neurodiversity from LSBU and industry
  • Learn new ways to accomodate neurodiverse applicants and better support autistic employees
  • Leave inspired and clear on what your business can do to create a more inclusive work environment, and so help to bridge the employment gap for neurodivergent individuals

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